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Mat Zo

Self Assemble


  • Ellie Hanagan
  • 23 March 2016
Mat Zo

Most DJs are geeks at heart, but Mat Zo took his nerdiness to a new level when he drafted up a treatment for a feature-length film to support his second artist album. The original concept was to write a movie score without the actual movie, and from epic opener ‘Order Out Of Chaos’ and the energetic ‘Lights Out’ to the tension-building ‘Stereo No Aware’, ‘Self Assemble’ does have a cinematic feel.

Building on the sound of his Grammy-nominated debut ‘Damage Control’ and drawing on everything from electro funk and trance to 90s pop and dubstep, he’s got a knack for blurring boundaries; it can feel a little disjointed, but you could never accuse him of being predictable.

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