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Mark Radford drops new single and launches Audio Rehab track download app

Deep tech banger 'Find Myself' launches the new Audio Rehab Music download app

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 1 April 2021
Mark Radford drops new single and launches Audio Rehab track download app

Mark Radford has unveiled a new single and download app for his label, Audio Rehab.

New track 'Find Myself' launches the app, which will allow DJs and fans of Audio Rehab to access music from the label for free before it is released via the usual streaming platforms.

Premiering via Mixmag today, 'Find Myself' sees Radford in top form with the delivery of a certified deep tech banger. The title alludes to the fresh creative energy he's been feeling recently with the launch of his latest radio show and the raft of new releases that are ready to be released via Audio Rehab.

The app, called Audio Rehab Music and which can be found here, will host Audio Rehab releases upfront and make them available for free in exchange for feedback. Think of a digital promo service that's open to everyone not just DJs and you've nailed what the new platform is all about.

A statement from the label reads: "We now release direct to DJs, producers, managers and fans through our own label app, months before we put it up on the streaming services. All you need to do is join the fam, rate the music, then it’s yours - for free."

To find out more about the app and to join the Audio Rehab Music movement, click here.

Check out 'Find Myself' below.

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