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Malibu’s Summer Feels Tour is brightening up the world’s harshest winter locations

Malibu is bringing that summer feeling to the places that need it the most

  • In association with Malibu
  • 21 February 2020
Malibu’s Summer Feels Tour is brightening up the world’s harshest winter locations

The inner elation, the outward sense of adventure, the feeling of summer brightens your outlook, frees your spirit and helps you live your best life. Search “Feels Like Summer” on any streaming platform and you’ll find a long list of tracks to listen to, because summer is the type of feeling that songs deserve to be written about.

Malibu is summoning those vibes by launching the Summer Feels Tour, a three-stop series designed to spread the glorious feeling of summer to the corners of the planet that need it the most. The parties will celebrate summer through an immersive sensory experience. While winter rages outside, moods inside the venue will be peaking, as a soundtrack of bumping beats and the taste of refreshing cocktails bring irresistible sensations of summer to get every person lifted.

The tour kicks off today in Glasgow, a city that bears the brunt of 170 days of rain each year. Malibu will be taking over the Bananamoon, where local duo the Weaver Brothers will be laying down what promises to be a vibrant soundtrack. Check out the Facebook event for further details.

The second stop will take place on February 28 in Seyðisfjörður on the Eastern edge of Iceland, where the local population doesn’t see sunlight for four months of every year. For the final party in the Summer Feels Tour, Malibu is heading out to the Canadian city of Winnipeg, where temperatures are known to plummet to numbing lows as cold as -47°C.

Find out more about the Summer Feels Tour 2020 on Malibu’s website.