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European Heartbreak EP (Gobstopper)


  • Tomas Fraser
  • 12 February 2016

Loom describes his own sound as 'Cold War Grime' and the follow up to his debut EP for Gobstopper certainly has that feel to it. The cold, dwindling murmur of enchanting opener 'Ultraviolet Love Scene' is a start, but it's the gorgeous, trinket box melody-laced intro that meets a barrage of heavy-set bass licks on 'Fractured Light' that really caught us of guard. The formula is repeated on 'Dyed Black Hair', although this time with the ferocity metre turned down a touch, while the glitchy, 16-bit flow of slippery, aqua-grime joint 'Nylon' could easily soundtrack a boss level on the Megadrive. Listen out for closing track 'Tracksuit' too. Crazy good!

Released: 12/02/2016

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