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Livio & Roby vs Enzo Siragusa

One more phantom producer is revealed on the next album

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 4 October 2016
Livio & Roby vs Enzo Siragusa

Reason no. 476 why remaining in the EU was a good idea: there are no boundaries for international music collaborations.

Ok, so Brexit probably won’t affect producers sending each other music over the Internet, but this joint effort from Livio & Roby and Enzo Siragusa for Desolat could be interpreted as symbolic of how the EU has united Europe.

Two Romanians, a Brit and a German label sounds like the start of a bad joke but this banger is anything but, with all involved combining to make ‘SN Model’ a veritable European stew of intrinsically deep beats.

Romania’s Livio & Roby have been leading the way for their country in the world of deep techno for the last 10 years with releases on labels like Fumakilla and Vakant, and have turned their attention to a conceptual album called ‘Phantom Circle’. It features collaborations with 11 artists, all of which are kept a mystery, challenging the listeners to focus on the music rather than the names.

However, Siragusa’s British roots shine through on this track with its shuffling garage-style drums harking back to the ‘good old days’ of rave. It’s a badge Siragusa wears proudly. The Londoner is dedicated to rave culture and his influential night Fuse reflects the ethos of that era on a consistently sell-out basis.

The release marks only the second time Siragusa has strayed from his Fuse label, but is among good company on this album with Martin Buttrich, tINI, Julian Perez and Hector amongst the other collaborators. tINI is the only other collaborator to have been identified on the album so far on the track ‘Dimensioni’.

Check out the premiere of 'SN Model' below.

You can buy the album on vinyl or pre-order the digital release, which comes with a tracklist, here.

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