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Letta (Last Japan remix)

Utterly intense grime soundscapes

  • Mixmag staff
  • 3 September 2015
Letta (Last Japan remix)

Got a thing for emotive, warped and winding grime melodies? If so, Los Angeles-based producer Letta (pictured) is someone you should listen to.

His debut album 'Testimony' is coming out on London label Coyote Records, described as a "musical manifestation of his years spent battling addiction, violence and homelessness." One listen of the album and the theme are solidified through feelings of sadness and sorrow.

Long-time Coyote associate Last Japan, who's behind the majestic 'Harca' and this fiery In Session, holds a spot on the record, delivering a remix of 'The Recluse'.

As ever, the South Londoner gives us a slice of typical Last Japan brilliance. Lacing it with scything zig zag synths, we're treated to almost four minutes of utter intensity, the type of tune to soundtrack running-through-the-back-streets imagery you'd expect in a gritty urban drama.

If Kidulthood was released now, this would fit right into the OST.

'Testimony' is out on October 9 on Coyote Records

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