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Lo Shea (Zenker Brothers remix)

Dark, misty techno on Dext Records

  • Mixmag staff
  • 28 August 2015
Lo Shea (Zenker Brothers remix)

Prepare yourself for some more raw, rough and rugged techno from Lo Shea.

The Sheffield producer, behind boomers like 'Light, Plant, Action' and 'Shake Inn', makes his debut on DEXT Records next month with a four-track EP including a remix from German duo Zenker Brothers (pictured).

Dario and Marco Zenker scared us shitless earlier this year with their beautifully brutal debut album, 'Immersion', on Ilian Tape and their remix of 'Durga' is another example of their muscle-flexing techno abilities.

While the original's tough and pummeling as it is, the Zenkers add a shade of misty darkness to it, accompanied with rapid drum smashes, before rounding it off with some marvellous synth work.

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