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Leeds radio station KMAH is donating money to a homeless charity

It's started a Just Giving page after its studio was broken into recently

  • Mixmag staff
  • 20 August 2016

KMAH Radio in Leeds had its studio broken into recently, leading it to setting up a Just Giving page to raise funds to replace the stolen equipment.

A homeless person is said to have been the culprit, so a portion of the money raised will go towards Simon on the Streets, a homeless charity in Leeds, according to KMAH.

Paying recognition to people who have donated, KMAH said on Facebook: "What’s more, we are overwhelmed at the donations we have received and feel we aren’t worthy of such kindness, so we’re going to donate a portion of anything we get to Simon on the Streets, a homeless charity in Leeds that does far more good than we ever could.

"The Just Giving page is still up (link below), and no one will get anything if it doesn’t hit the target. So loath as we are to beg, any support you can give us - and in turn to Simon on the Streets - will be hugely well received and poured straight back into replacing our gear so the station can keep on bringing music lovers, record collectors and party people together in celebration of this great city and its ever underlying groove."

KMAH Radio is at Dimensions Festival in Croatia where it's streaming sets from Jeremy Underground and Dimensions Soundsystem.

Find the Just Giving page here.

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