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Watch a video on how Kraftwerk’s rare MIDI controller glove works

A unique aspect of their live performance in the 90s

  • Harrison Williams
  • 28 February 2017

The technology behind Kraftwerk’s rare MIDI controller glove has been explained in a short video.

In 1993, modular synth innovator Dieter Doepfer developed the MOGLI, also known as the MIDI Output Glove Interface, in collaboration with Kraftwerk. The MOGLI allowed Nintendo’s short lived Power Glove to be converted into a MIDI controller.

During Kraftwerk’s string of live performances in the 90s, the band would feature the MIDI controller glove as a unique aspect of their show. Now thanks to a Youtube user, fans can learn exactly how it works.

YouTube user studentsmusic goes into further detail about the MOGLI, watch the video below.

[Via: Synthopia]

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