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Kowton to release debut album ‘Utility’ through Livity Sound

Stream closing track 'Shots Fired' now

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 26 January 2016

Kowton has announced his debut album 'Utility' will arrive through Livity Sound on April 15.

Speaking about the title to The Quietus, he revealed: "The name 'Utility' came from a series of conversations I had in the build up to finishing the record. What feels most prescient to me right now is writing concise music with purpose and direction - visceral music that's uncluttered both sonically and theoretically.

"I wanted to create an LP that works on the floor but is nuanced enough to justify repeat listens and self-aware enough to sit properly as a complete album."

'Utility' marks the first solo album to arrive on the label, although it has previously put out three compilation CDs, predominantly involving label founders Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu, as well as artists from sister label Dnous Ytivil, such as Hodge, Alex Coulton and Bruce on the 'Reverse, Vol. 1' release.

'Shots Fired' from the nine-tracker is streaming on SoundCloud. Listen below.

01. Comments Off
02. Scido
03. Balance
04. Sleep Chamber
05. Some Cats
06. Loops 1
07. Bubbling Under
08. A Bluish Shadow
09. Shots Fired

[Via: The Quietus]

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