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Cover Mix

The Cover Mix: Kölsch

Ibiza's next superstar presents a huge cover mix

  • Funster
  • 9 April 2014
The Cover Mix: Kölsch

A childhood in Copenhagen’s hippie enclave of Christiana and two decades in the music industry have helped Kölsch create some of dance music’s biggest recent anthems. But have they prepared him to kick off summer 2017 as one of Ibiza’s biggest DJ stars?

Listen to his incredible cover mix below

1. Kölsch ‘Tuning intro’ (Kompakt Records)

“I always loved the sound of an orchestra tuning up, so I recorded this for my album. I added synths for good measure. They need ‘tuning’ too”

2. Infiniti ‘Think Quick’ (Maurizio remix) (Metroplex)

“One of my all-time techno favourites. It sounds like the snow dancing on a winter’s day. So delicate”

3. Map.Ache. ‘Let me Sleep’ (Permanent Vacation)

“A beautiful slow-builder. Love the vibe of this track. It sets the mood perfectly”

4. Sasha ‘Channel Deq’ (Max Cooper remix) (Late Night Tales)

“Two geniuses at work. The remix is arrogantly minimal, but the melody just carries it with grace”

5. Michael Mayer feat Joe Goddard ‘For You’ (DJ Koze remix) (K7)

“Michael sent me this quite early, so I’ve been playing it for ages. Koze is one of a kind, and this remix perfectly illustrates how eccentric he is. The original is amazing, but the remix just struck a chord with me”

6. Nils Frahm ‘Ode’ (Erased Tapes)

“I’m such a fan of Nils Frahm. I’ve listened to everything he’s released. Had to include this masterpiece in my mix!”

7. Klangstof ‘Hostage’ (Sasha remix) (Mind Of A Genius)

“Sasha is the king of remixes these days. He just elevates anything he touches”

8. Kölsch ‘Liath Demo’ (Kompakt)

“A thing I’m working on. I recorded a lot with a symphony orchestra for my new album, and this is one of the demos”

9. Mathew Jonson ‘Typerope’ (It Is What It Is)

“One of the first records I heard at DC10. It’s stuck with me since. Such an infectious tune”

10. SAVE! ‘The Light’ (Marc Pinol remix) (Les Discues De La Mort)

“I’ve been playing this for a while. It has such an amazing impact everywhere. It’s deep, but has this rolling bass. Incredible”

11. Phil Kieran ‘Last Train To Melbourne’ (Phil Kieran Recordings)

“Such a beautiful piece. The melodies are amazing”

12. Kölsch ‘Graa’ (demo) (Kompakt)

“Another track I’m working on for my album. Trying to find the balance between the melody and the energy here. Synth bonanza!”

13. Jonk Monkman ‘Trusting Source’ (Noir Records)

“I really like how this builds. The arrangement is very well made. So many details”

14. Jaydee ‘Back In To Acid’ (Unreleased)

“The legendary Jaydee is back. This track is so energetic, but really deep at the same time. It sounds enormous on a big system”

15. Khen ‘Land Of Goshen’ (Patrice Baumel remix) (Lost & Found)

“No set is complete without a track from Patrice. This remix just builds and builds. So refreshing”

16. Kölsch ‘Onlyforsets 2’ (Unreleased – and never will be)

“Lately I’ve been making tracks that I keep to myself. I love having exclusives for my sets, and this is one. I’m never going to release it!”

17. Third Son ‘Agnus Dei’ (Blindfold Records)

“I really love this record. It is such a bizarre blend of electronic wizardry and male choir. It’s a curveball in my sets, but it has to be there”

18. Andhim ’Cloys’ (Eagles &Butterflies remix) (Monaberry)

“Two of my good friends, remixed by one of the best producers in techno. Couldn’t be better”

19. Teser ‘Konda’ (Unreleased)

“My man from Melbourne! This track has been provoking madness whenever I’ve played it. There’s always a line to the DJ booth of

people wanting to find out what it is”

20. Laurent Garnier ‘Acid Eiffel’ (Fragile Records)

“A classic if ever there was one. My good friend Erik passed away two years ago, and this was his favourite track. This one is for him.

21. Apparat ‘Black Water’ (Kölsch bootleg) (unreleased)

“I’m the biggest Apparat fan. I made this edit so I could play it in my sets. ‘Black Water’ is one of the best songs written in this decade”

22. Kölsch & Gregor Schwellenbach ‘Serji’ (extended demo) (Kompakt)

“Gregor and I wrote this amazing piece with a symphony orchestra, and I’m still figuring out how I want to release it. This is one of the versions I’ve made”

23. Henrik Schwarz ‘4011 Liter’ (Between Buttons)

“A perfect way to end a set. Such a beautiful composition”