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Kaleena Zanders and Kulkid soar with their melodic house cut 'Skyline'

A booming vocal house ballad

  • in association with AKG
  • 10 December 2018
Kaleena Zanders and Kulkid soar with their melodic house cut 'Skyline'

French house DJ-producer Kulkid and rising vocalist Kaleena Zanders have teamed up for a compelling collaboration titled 'Skyline'. Produced during a road trip through US national parks, the track conveys the excitement of travel and the raw beauty of nature. Kaleena Zanders brings the cherry on the cake with her warm and soulful voice, delivering a powerful and sentimental dimension to the song.

Kaleena Zanders had this to say on the new track: "While staying completely original, Kulkid's production in "Skyline" embodies the energy and feel of artist such as Lane 8, The Magician, Amtrac & Kidnap. Coming from a background in vocal soul house, I felt it would be unique to show more emotion in my writing and vocal performance on a beautiful track like this."

Kaleena Zanders recently joined Mixmag, AKG and a team of exceptional artists for a wholly unique electronic music retreat in Woodstock, New York. With an emphasis on seclusion and artistic solidarity, Zanders reflected on her love of improvisation and joined some talented producers in the studio to provide powerful vocals over their tunes.

Learn more about Kaleena Zanders and her approach to making music here.

Listen to Kaleena Zanders and Kulkid's 'Skyline' below.

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