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Jose Cabrera

'Portrait Of The Flying Sky' (Boards)


  • Marcus Barnes
  • 23 May 2015
Jose Cabrera

We mentioned last month that Jose Cabrera's LP was due for release; fortunately for us, the release date was pushed back – and now we can give it a proper review. The Spaniard has hooked up with Fred P on the New Yorker's Boards label, and we've been immersed in it.

There are some collabs, most notably with Dario Zenker on 'Nebula 584', on which high strings create tension while the bass oscillates below and horns rise and fall. 'Hyperion' is like a retro computer game soundtrack, 'Caliban' sounds like the medical centre inside a space station, while 'Nereid' conjures up images of a high-speed chase around the rings of Saturn.

Special mention to 'King Of The Wild Frontier', which is like the track you might hear while a member of the space station's crew loses his shit. This is a special one indeed.