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'Cargaa 1' (Warp)


  • Seb Wheeler
  • 22 May 2015

The artists on this EP – DJs Marfox, Nigga Fox, Nedwyt Fox, Ly-Coox and the group Blacksea Não Maya – are all from Lisbon and affiliated with Príncipe, a label dedicated to releasing music from the city and getting it heard outside the Portuguese border.

The hard work has paid off, and now Warp is releasing three EPs, each featuring a set of different artists, showcasing the bristling, heady and rhythmically out-there music emanating from the Portuguese capital.

We're told 'cargaa' is Lisbon street slang for hot and/or heavy and used by its young producers in relation to tracks and DJ sets, making it a fitting title for this first collection – which is tough and fun and generally fantastic.

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