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Jeremy Olander to release first-ever mix album via Balance

Showcasing the many sides of his musical persona

  • Devyn White
  • 22 October 2019
Jeremy Olander to release first-ever mix album via Balance

Swedish DJ and producer, Jeremy Olander, is delivering his first-ever mix album through Balance Music.

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Olander explains his approach to his Balance mix album: "Itʼs a body of work that I hope will appeal to my old fans that have been following me since the start, but also strike a chord with people that might not historically have been into my sound... I try to shift moods, atmospheres and vibes in an organic way and I feel both sides have its own set of twists and turns that compel you to continue listening.”

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The mix includes a majority of unreleased music from Olander and tracks made specifically for the release. The first side is framed like a club opening set "for when youʼre getting ready to go out, come home from a night out, or just drive around in your car," Olander says. It features an unreleased mix of Olander's 'Dharma', 'Timing', a track from Tim Engelhardt and songs under Olander's new alias, J.Singh.

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The second side takes listeners into the club with peak time hits and melodic undertones. It features another Engelhardt track, 'Papillon,' as well as releases from up-and-coming artists, A Friend of Marcus and Carl Dern. Finishing off, Olander reveals, “this album has been the biggest undertaking of my career so far, and itʼs incredible to finally put it out there, and let it get a life of its own.”

Check out the full tracklist for the mix below, as well as previews of the release. You can pre-order the mix here.


2CD + Bonus Download (Limited Edition)

1. J.Singh - Wake Up (Original Mix)
2. J.Singh - Movements of a Dream (Original Mix)
3. J.Singh - Marschen (Original Mix)
4. Dhillon - Dharma (J.Singh Remix)
5. Marino Canal & Miguel Payda - Hidden Eyes (Original Mix)
6. Tim Engelhardt - Timing (Original Mix)
7. Jeremy Olander - 3ways (Original Mix)
8. Jeremy Olander - Osho (Original Mix)
9. Jeremy Olander - Saigon (Original Mix)
10. Jeremy Olander - Nattuggla (Original Mix)
11. Jeremy Olander - First Sights (Original Mix)

1. Jeremy Olander - Akzo (Original Mix)
2. Jeremy Olander - Yoyo (Original Mix)
3. Jeremy Olander - Memnon (Original Mix)
4. Locked Groove - Islands (Original Mix)
5. La Fleur - Second Story (Original Mix)
6. Ejeca - Bends (Original Mix)
7. Tim Engelhardt - Papillon (Original Mix)
8. Jeremy Olander - Postais (Original Mix)
9. A Friend of Marcus - Multiple Rays (Original Mix)
10. Carl Dern - Eyes Up (Original Mix)
11. Jeremy Olander - Life After Death (Original Mix)

2LP + Bonus Download (Limited Edition)

A1. Dhillon - Dharma (J.Singh Remix)
A2. J.Singh - Marschen (Original Mix)
B1. Tim Engelhardt - Timing (Original Mix)
B2. Jeremy Olander - First Sights (Original Mix)
C1. La Fleur - Second Story (Original Mix)
C2. Ejeca - Bends (Original Mix)
D1. Carl Dern - Eyes Up (Original Mix)
D2. Jeremy Olander - Life After Death (Original Mix)

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