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Jeff Mills reveals limited-edition vinyl stabilizer made from high-density metals

An otherworldly tool for unwanted vibrations

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 20 November 2017

Jeff Mills and his cosmically in-tune music label Axis Records have revealed a beautiful and rare vinyl stabilizer made out of high-density metals.

For those unfamiliar with the purpose of this curious gadget (which kind of looks like a grinder for your weed), Mills explains that the vinyl stabilizer “helps eliminate unwanted vibration” on your records and also “temporarily levels imperfect vinyl that may have been warped or curved". The tool can also "increase the tightness of the high and low frequencies", resulting in a much cleaner sound.

Complete with an Axis Records logo and laser engravings which mimic our solar system, the release of this limited-edition vinyl apparatus is limited to 100 units. The Axis Vinyl Stabilizer will be available via the music label's website here.

Check out the prototype in the photo below.

If Carl Sagan’s golden record onboard the the Voyager 1 spacecraft ever needed a vinyl stabilizer, this would certainly be the one.

Cameron is Mixmag's US Editorial Intern. Follow him on Twitter here

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