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JBL Onbeat Rumble

The latest dock from JBL, the OnBeat Rumble lives up to its name, offering growling bass with big sound and useful, Lightning dock connectivity


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 21 June 2013
JBL Onbeat Rumble

The latest from JBL, the OnBeat Rumble is designed to get your attention with its large orange speaker grill promising to blow your ears away. However one of the most significant features of the JBL's latest music box is on the top - it has a Lightning Dock. The inclusion of Apple's brand new connection allows users to charge and use current generation iPads as well as an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini - without the need for a pesky and pricey converter.

If you aren't an Apple fan, the Rumble also features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can wirelessly feed it music from most smartphones and laptops alike. The OnBeat also uses Harman's exclusive TrueStream technology - so tracks sound slightly crisper when not using wires.

Once you've selected a tune you can expect the Rumble to deliver room filling low end thanks to its 50 watt speakers - the bass on tracks like Ulterior Motive's - Right Here leave the floor shaking.

However, as expected from its emphasis on bass the Rumble doesn't come off sounding as crisp as you'd hope. High ends are present but not what you'd expect from a system costing £259.99, and the quality isn't up to the likes of Logitech's UE 9000. Despite its drawbacks, the Rumble is certainly one bass addicts ought to check out.

£259.99 | JBL

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