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I-Box Bass Addicts


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 13 June 2013
I-Box Bass Addicts

Coming from the newly founded British i-box brand, the i-box Bass Addicts have the unenviable task of distinguishing themselves from hundreds of similarly priced competitors.

Stylish but unassuming, the Bass Addicts immediately betray their £29.99 asking price. Constructed from silver and black plastic and metal bodied earphones, the Bass Addicts aren't going to be the envy of your mates, but not an embarrassment either. The Bass Addicts have nice attention to detail for their price, and despite the "anti-tangle" cable knotting almost immediately, a lot of the features do come in handy.

Silicon earbuds with angled drivers make for a tight but comfortable fit, and an inline remote adds even greater convenience.

Thanks to 11.5 mm drivers and a name like Bass Addicts, these i-box earphones promise a good low end, and they deliver. Tracks like Enei & Eastcolors' '2012' offer up skull-shattering sub-bass, with the high-end and particularly mid-range playing second fiddle to the lower frequencies. Great if you're into bass music, but bad if you're into subtlety, dynamics and nuance.

Check the track below to see how your current listening gear compares.

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