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Jawbone Up

Get your health in check with this bracelet from the makers of Jambox


  • Curtis Moldrich
  • 3 March 2014
Jawbone Up

Known primarily for their sophisticated, neat bluetooth speakers and headsets, Jawbone also make a range of health orientated bracelets.

Slim and stylish, the Jawbone UP isn't the most ostentatious gadget - but it does pack a range of useful features into its small bracelet form. Designed to help you understand your daily movements and improve them accordingly, the Jawbone UP is able to accurately track information throughout the day - and unlike its competitors, throughout the night.

A low maintenance gadget, the battery can last for over a week and operation is as simple as putting it on your chosen wrist. Thanks to an accelerometer similar to the one on Nike's Fuelband or in most smartphones, the UP is able to calculate your daily activity - and can even partner with other apps such as MyFitnessPal to include your diet. The Jawbone makes for a useful training partner in the gym too, tracking workouts to keep a record of your progress.

As well as calculating just how messy you get in the rave, the UP also pays just as much attention to your sleep - something lacking on other devices.. After a click of a button, the UP can flick to night mode, analysing your length and quality of sleep. When it's time to wake up, the UP will also gently vibrate at the best time - making sure you're as fresh as possible.

Getting the data off the bracelet is as easy as connecting the UP to your phones headphone jack. All the data would be useless without a user friendly app and the UP's isn't bad - but it does lack the playfulness and animation of the slicker, Nike Fuelband app.

One of the best activity trackers on the market, the UP sets itself apart thanks to its ability to connect to other apps and its focus on sleep. However, if you're only interested in daily activity, Nike's latest Fuelband may provide a more rewarding experience.

Jawbone | £99

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