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WTF - Is this serious?

The video promoting BoomBoom's EDM-style inhaler is all kinds of wrong

  • Mixmag crew
  • 17 May 2016

Brands tend to struggle when marketing to ravers. Step forward BoomBoom in another attempt; this all-natural nose inhaler "invigorates and energizes with a blast of intense refreshment”.

As a self-proclaimed Vicks 2.0, BoomBoom is like chewing gum for your nostrils. Or a mini Red Bull shooter for your sinuses.

To promote these sweet-smelling sticks of ridiculousness, BoomBoom enlisted Thick7 to create a music video which, we warn you, is like Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ mixed into SNL’s When Will The Bass Drop?. Some parts will make you cringe, some parts may make you start to sing-a-long (sample lyric “there’s a place in your nose, where the BoomBoom goes”) and perhaps most worrisome; actually start wondering what it’s like to stick a BoomBoom up your schnoz next time you're heading out to party.

You have been warned.

For more on BoomBoom go here and for more on Thick7 check their SoundCloud.

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