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This turntable cartridge will cost you $7000

The Audio-Technica item promises "the highest audiophile listening experience"

  • Matt Cooper
  • 17 May 2016

Audio-Technica has released details about its latest turntable cartridge, but you'll need a lot of spare cash to buy it.

The cartridge will cost an astonishing $6999 and will only be available exclusively from 50 retailers worldwide.

The new piece of kit uses a direct-power system with a moving coil that is placed on the stylus tip, which is crafted from diamond alongside a boron cantilever.

Yousuke Koizumi from Audio-Technica Japan said: “We found some inspiration in the renowned Victor MC-L1000 cartridge of 1986 and charged our research and design engineers to imagine a Direct Power System of unsurpassed levels of precision and sophistication.

"I’m pleased to say we have achieved everything we set out to do. Our AT-ART1000 is truly the landmark cartridge we wanted to make.”

It'll be available to purchase in June. You can read the complete specs here.

[Via: The Vinyl Factory]

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