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Ibox Slix2

iBox's new slimline speakers offer good, portable stereo sound


  • Mixmag
  • 12 March 2015
Ibox Slix2

iBox's latest speaker offers deceptively large sound, and can even be paired for stereo use.

The latest speaker from iBox, the Slix shares all the design cues from the rest of the iBox range. Kitted out in durable black rubber and a vibrant orange trim, the Slix feels built to last, and could be mistaken from the front for iBox's more substantial Trax model. Turn it to the side however, and the Slix is significantly slimmer - around half the size of the Trax.

Despite its size, the Slix retains much of the features of its larger siblings. Thanks to an iPX5 rating, the Slix can withstand a 6.3mm spray of water for at least 3 minutes, while rubberised waterproof buttons make it easy to change tracks - and carry out hands free calls. Although Bluetooth is available, the Slix also accepts a more traditional, battery friendly 3.5mm - perfect if you're short on charge or want to pass the AUX cord around. Battery life is similarly good; the Slix lasts around ten hours and is easily charged via micro usb.

However, the stand out feature of its Slix is the sound. Packing in 6 watts of 2.1 sound, you'd expect the Slix to struggle at higher volumes, but its 1.5 inch drivers and bass array sound composed throughout. High end and midrange continues to be clear at room filling volumes, and thanks to a dedicated, tuned passive bass radiator, the Slix also offers good low end. What's more, pairing two Slix units gives you an even better soundscape, with 12 combined watts of true stereo sound. Solid as a single unit, the Slix2 offers good value, stereo sound that's more than the sum of its parts.

Slix (single speaker): £59.99 Slix2 (double speaker pack) £99.00

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