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Disco biscuits?! Haribo launches DJ-themed sweets in Germany

The taste contains a "slightly acidic note"

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 14 January 2016

Haribo has launched a new range of DJ-themed sweets in Germany.

The country is famed for its dance music culture and now residents and techno tourists alike can snack on a bag of DJ Brause (which translates into DJ sherbert).

The packaging depicts an anthropomorphised sweet DJing with a speech bubble exclaiming "FIZZ", while the taste of the jelly product is described on the Haribo website as containing "a slightly acidic note". We're definitely digging the early 90s smiley culture references, be they intended or not.

The sweeties are supposed to represent buttons on DJ equipment, but they'd certainly force a second look from a bouncer on the way into a club.

Must be something in the water today – or is it just us? Earlier, reports revealed that Kinder eggs have been used to smuggle cocaine in London.

[Via: Toxic Family]

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