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Police find stash of Kinder eggs stuffed with cocaine in London pub

Kinder surprise!

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 14 January 2016

A stash of Kinder eggs stuffed with cocaine has reportedly been found by police during a raid on Jono's Pub in North West London.

The discovery is said to have been made during a routine police check, with officers revealing that a number of the eggs were found hidden in bins, while others were uncovered on people acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the pub.

It's not the first time that coke has been smuggled in food, after €15,000,000 and £600,000-worth was uncovered in an Aldi delivery and turned up in Tesco bananas last year respectively.

Nick Mortimer, a police licensing officer, has accused Jono's Pub of turning a "blind eye" to drug dealing after Kinder eggs containing the Class A drug were seized on a number of occasions.

Two eggs that contained five and six wraps of cocaine were found hidden in bricks during a licensing check in November, while another was found on a man who admitted to carrying one of the chocolate treats containing three wraps of cocaine in his underwear after police threatened to strip-search him.

Suspicions were further raised around the pub after the police attended six separate call-outs last year in response to reports of violence, theft and burglary.

Another incident, an alleged 40-man brawl, occurred in January, resulting in one man being struck over the head with a glass and another assaulted with a bar stool.

Police have accused Jono's Pub landlord Kenneth McCormack of displaying a "complete disregard" of the dangerous and illegal conditions of his pub.

A review of the pub's license calling for measures such as bouncers to be instated has now been applied for to Brent Council, with supporting documents noting: "As a result of several incidents police have no faith in the ability of the management to operate the premise responsibly under the current authority and therefore wish to bring the matter before the sub-committee for consideration."

A hearing set to take place next Thursday.

[Via: Evening Standard]

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