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Grove releases their debut EP 'Queer + Black'

It’s a heady mix of politics, punk and breakbeats

  • Words: Jemima Skala | Photo: Khali Ackford
  • 28 February 2021
Grove releases their debut EP 'Queer + Black'

Bristol-based Grove has released their debut EP ‘Queer + Black’ via Memorials of Distinction/Spinny Nights.

It’s a personal and political exploration of identity, with influences ranging from queer rave spaces and the toppling of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol in summer 2020.

With the Annie Mac-approved ‘Ur Boyfriend’s Wack’ and the darkly alluring ‘Fuck Ur Landlord’, ‘Queer + Black’ is a powerful statement of intent from Grove.

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They’ve said about the EP, “‘Queer + Black’ serves as an introduction to my experience of the world. Tunes to get sweaty in the dance to as well as contemplate sexuality, class and race. The EP was definitely shaped by my experience in Bristol sonically - I was making soul/hip hop/UKG tunes before, now somehow found myself making dutty breakbeats and electronic punk-infused sounds.

“‘Queer + Black’ will be the first in a genre-hopping suite of releases, genreless is how we do. It’s been a long road finding a sense of self-acceptance, but this EP marks a point where I’m comfortable and proud in my identity and beliefs and would like to share my perspective of that with others.”

Buy a copy of ‘Queer + Black’ here and listen to ‘Sticky’ below.

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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