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Grouper announces details of her twelfth album 'Shade'

It will be her first in three years

  • Words: Jemima Skala | Photo: Gordon Ashworth
  • 31 July 2021
Grouper announces details of her twelfth album 'Shade'

Grouper this week announced details of ‘Shade’, her first full-length album in three years.

To be released on October 22 via Kranky, ‘Shade’ collects nine songs written over the past 15 years.

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Thematically, ‘Shade’ will be about the coast, both literally and poetically, and the respite we can draw from it. It’s an exploration of how location can form a person, how we frame ourselves by our locations, and how esoteric things like memory and experiences map our own psychogeographies.

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Grouper, the nom de plume of Liz Harris, released the album’s lead single ‘Unclean mind’ this week, a track full of layered vocals, close harmonies and intimate guitar. Typically stripped back and contemplative, it’s everything we’ve come to love and expect for a Grouper track.

Listen to ‘Unclean mind’ below, and preorder ‘Shade’ here.

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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