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Green Day take aim at 'trap beats' on cocaine emblazoned billboard

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  • Isaac Irwin
  • 10 February 2020
Green Day take aim at 'trap beats' on cocaine emblazoned billboard

Green Day have taken a stand against "trap beats" in a billboard publicising the band's new album 'Father Of All Motherfuckers'.

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The advert, which was initially posted on Green Day's official Twitter feed but has since been deleted, also specifies the album has "no features", "no Swedish songwriters" and is "100% pure uncut rock". Each statement is also underlined by a line of cocaine, complete with a rolled-up bill in case there was any doubt about the reference.

The Needle Drop posted the image on Twitter alongside the comment: "Green Day bringing the cringe into 2020", sparking a stream of edited versions mocking the billboard in the replies.

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While some may appreciate the clarification, we're not sure anyone was expecting trap beats on a Green Day album.

Isaac Irwin is a freelance writer and photographer, check his website

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