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​Giegling announces silent disco at the Barbican Conservatory

The label bring the disco vibes to London this April

  • Jaguar
  • 11 March 2017

On Sunday April 2 German label and collective Giegling are hosting a silent disco at the Barbican Conservatory in London.

This is part of their Planet Giegling world tour and will see Giegling members Ateq, Edward, Kettenkarussell and Vril perform a live ambient concert which the listeners will hear through personal headphone sets.

The Giegling tour is hitting up 18 cities including New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, London, and Berlin.

Planet Giegling aims to project the imprint’s holistic ethos onto each venue it reaches in the form of silent discos, club nights, art exhibitions, performances, and installations.

You can grab tickets for the Barbican Conservatory silent disco from £30 here.

Jaguar is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow her here

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