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Radio Slave samples Lady Gaga in ‘Another Club’

"Next place, no sleep, another club"

  • Jaguar
  • 11 March 2017

Radio Slave, aka Matt Edwards is the don when it comes to making a simplistic techno banger than you can’t get out of your head.

'Another Club' is the next hypnotic, thumping rave tune of his that you’ll be singing in your sleep.

Released as an EP to mark the 100th release on his label Rekids, ‘Another Club’ has elements of a raw ravers’ tune that would not be out of place at any deep, dark basement party.

What makes it even better and its message even more prominent, is that Edwards has sampled the voice of Lady Gaga in an interview where she explains her partying routine, in a pitched down, droning monologue that lures you into the rhythm:

“No sleep, bus, club, another club, another club, another club, plane, next place, no sleep, another club…”

The B side is a track called ‘Feel The Same’ which is injected with funky Detroit house and is equally as banging.

You can listen to them below and download the EP here.

Jaguar is Mixmag's Weekend Editor. Follow her here

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