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GHB has been linked with brain and cognitive changes

Those that experience multiple GHB-induced comas are particularly affected.

  • James Ball
  • 10 October 2018
GHB has been linked with brain and cognitive changes

A recent study published by The European College of Neuropsychopharmacology revealed regular use of the drug GHB may have negative effects on "long-term memory, working memory [and] IQ" while raising stress and anxiety.

Lead researcher Filipa Raposo Pereira said: "Our results indicate that there may be risks involved in regular GHB use. This is particularly relevant to regular users with multiple GHB-induced comas.

"We found that these users show differences in cognition to either those who don't fall into a coma, or drug users who have never used GHB".

The party drug, also known as "liquid ecstasy", is extremely dangerous if injected in even small quantities. In April, French authorities went public in voicing their worries about the drug following a spate of GHB overdoses in Paris.

[Photo: Maurice Mikkers]