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George FitzGerald to release "hardware jams" this week

The first instalment is out May 6

  • Anna Gibson
  • 5 May 2016

'Eyes Of Mine' is the new club-focused track series from George FitzGerald.

FitzGerald posted a video on his Facebook page of a snippet of two new tracks called 'Fig. 1.1' and 'Fig. 1.2', later outlining his plan to "reestablish a connection" with the music that influenced him early on in his career.

In an interview with RA, FitzGerald said: "The tracks are simple hardware jams that have refined over time in the studio. So much of my favourite house and techno of that nature has been released in standalone series of 12"s that evolve over time. I wanted to start my own series to run in parallel and serve as a counterpoint to my other work".

'Fig. 1.1' is out in digital and vinyl format on May 6.

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