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Take a tour of Fractal Fantasy's digital club concept Virtua

It features soundtrack of new tracks from Fractal Fantasy members

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 6 August 2020
Take a tour of Fractal Fantasy's digital club concept Virtua

Fractal Fantasy has unveiled a new digital clubbing concept called Virtua that is “engineered to foster potent communal experiences and un-distill pop culture”.

360° fly through videos take you inside the space, which features absorbing wall projections by Nicolas Sassoon and ⌀⌀⌀⌀, an in-the-round DJ booth, and an IMAX-inspired spatial audio system.

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There’s also an adjoining studio for programmers and artists to work in, and no bar or cloak, with lockers and card tap vending machines instead in place around the edge of the venue to “encourage more meaningful interaction and community” at the heart of the space.

A selection of clips are available to watch on Fractal Fantasy's YouTube, set to a soundtrack composed by members Sinjin Hawke, Martyn Bootyspoon, Zubotnik, Xzavier Stone and Zora Jones.

Watch the Sinjin Hawke-soundtracked video and check out some images below.

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