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Flume is "bored" of 'Skin' and reveals plans for his next album

It's time for Flume to take his sound in a new direction

  • Harrison Williams
  • 25 August 2016

Many producers who enjoy longevity in the music industry will push themselves to try new things with each new project. Flume, the trendsetting Australian producer who helped usher in a new era of electronic music, has recently revealed that he’s going to take his sound in a new direction on his next album.

Speaking with InTheMix, Flume went into further detail regarding what he plans to do next. Despite releasing his second album ‘Skin’ in May of this year, he's apparently already “bored of it” and is looking to try something new in the near future.

“Now that I’ve put 'Skin' out, I’m like… awesome! I’ve done my big, grandiose, clean record, with lots of big sawtooth sounds,” Flume says of his latest album. “Now I’m kind of bored of it, and I want to do lots of more sample-based stuff, like actual world sounds. So, like, maybe a vocal that’s been recorded and make it into a chord. I kinda want to go a little more lo-fi, I guess. But that’s how it works – you get excited about one thing, then you go to the opposite for a bit.”

When discussing where he will draw inspiration from next, Flume says: “I’m gonna go to national parks, take my surfboard, by myself and just go surfing and write another album in that. That’s the plan." He's already acquired a van which he plans to transform into a portable studio to take out on the road as he gets in touch with nature.

Flume is currently touring North American in support of his new album and will be making stops in Europe this fall.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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