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Floating Points, MJ Cole and more tell producers how to 'Finish Something'

Novation has made a documentary giving advice on finishing tracks

  • Dave Turner
  • 11 March 2016
Floating Points, MJ Cole and more tell producers how to 'Finish Something'

Music producer? Struggle finishing a tune? A few professionals have got your back.

Production software company Novation has made a documentary, Finish Something, featuring Floating Points, Los Angeles artist Astronautica, Om Unit and garage don MJ Cole, each of them giving an insight on how to complete the track-making process.

MJ Cole says: "I guess it's like painting a picture really. You start getting your palette of colours out and you mix them and make sure they're all kind of nice and look good and you're ready to paint the picture. The canvas is there and I just start doing something."

Astronautica states when finished with a tune, she puts it on her phone and listens to it on repeat to make sure it's done, while Houndstooth artist Throwing Snow says he doesn't deem music finished until the artwork is also finalised.

Snow Ghosts and The Makerz also feature in the doc, made in line with Novation's release of its new Circuit groovebox.

Watch Finish Something below.

[Via: FACT]

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