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fabric promises to run at "gold standard" if allowed to reopen

Transparency Statement 4 has been issued by the club

  • Dave Turner
  • 8 November 2016

A former police officer and drug welfare expert Professor Fiona Measham are among those to have provided witness statements in favour of fabric.

41 statements have been issued in total as part of the evidence for its appeal later this month, one of them coming from former Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector Adrian Studd, who's previous work includes the Olympic Games in London.

Promising a "gold standard" of operations if it's allowed to reopen its doors, fabric has also suggested 32 new licence conditions, as well as including details about its proposed security, welfare and medical facilities in the evidence.

The statement also reads: "Separately from the appeal, fabric was invited to provide written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act, which it did.

"The evidence contains 12 recommendations for changes in law and guidance so that in future problems at licensed premises are addressed in partnership between licensees and regulatory stakeholders, with closure generally being a measure of last resort."

See the full transparency statement here.

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