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Fabric explains what donations will be used for

"Your contributions to date have been absolutely staggering"

  • Dave Turner
  • 20 September 2016

Fabric has released a statement regarding its Save Our Culture campaign, outlining funds raised will "support the continued hibernation of the club" through its licensing appeal.

Save Our Culture was launched last Friday, with money raised currently sitting at over £140,000. Words from Gary Kilbey, the managing director, explain that an appeal to the Magistrates' Court has already been made against Islington Council's licensing decision, with a hearing date yet to be confirmed, and the services of a top licensing barrister, Philip Kolvin QC, have been secured.

Rather than just fighting for fabric, the statement outlines a plan to save UK nightlife, which contributes £66 billion to the UK economy.

"There is also a wider fight to stop this injustice happening again, to us or other venues. Our main argument is as follows:

• No venue should be closed or threatened with closure as a result of crime occurring without the fault of management.
• Closure should be a last resort. No venue should be closed unless the fault cannot be corrected.
• Police evidence to licensing authorities should be judged on its merits.

"It’s a fact of life that crime, accidents and injuries happen, but it’s almost never proposed that the areas in which they occur should be closed. Accidents occur on motorways, on public transport, in factories and on building sites. Deaths occur on beaches. Disorder happens at sporting events. Injuries occur in police custody. Shoplifting happens in supermarkets. In every case, the focus is on how management practices should improve to prevent future harm."

The venues legal advice states that there are eight problems with the Home Secretary's guidance that need to be tackled. These are: power to apply for interim steps, action planning, status of police representations, importance of good management, positive contribution of the venue, closure a last resort, interim steps pending appeal and closure powers. Technical details of these can be read in the transparency statement.

Kilbey goes on to thank everyone who's supported so far: "As a collective, your contributions to date have been absolutely staggering. We hope that you all understand the magnitude of the challenge we are facing, and the enormous funding required.

"We will ensure transparency by reporting how the funds are used on a bi-weekly basis throughout the campaign, and reporting the future plans for any unused allocation when the time comes."

If the appeal is unsuccessful, leftover funds will be used to help other venues which have been affected with licensing issues.

Read the full statement here.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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