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Essential: Mhysa's 'Thot Fantasy III' mix

The Philadelphia-based artist turns out a frenetic 35 minutes

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 15 February 2017
Essential: Mhysa's 'Thot Fantasy III' mix

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Mhysa is the self-styled 'underground popstar for the cyber resistance' whose debut 'Hivemind' EP landed on NON Worldwide last year. The Philadelphia-based artist combines a keen sense of pop sensibility with fierce, necessary experimentalism, which can be heard in tracks like 'Jezebel' as well as the DJ mixes filed into the ongoing 'Thot Fantasy' series.

The third 'Thot Fantasy' mix dropped on Valentine's Day and comes packed with white-hot tracks by the likes of Syd, Cardi B and Venus X, as well as a couple crucial Mhysa edits and one new original. These all unfurl beneath a cascade of gun shots, bursts of shattering glass, incessant sirens, explosions and vocal samples intoning "warning" and "the people are tired" – the soundtrack to navigating life in America in 2017.

Published by dis, it's housed alongside a new 3D animation by Sarah Nicole François. Read Mhysa's original 'Thot Fantasy' statement here.

Seb Wheeler is Mixmag's Head Of Digital. Follow him on Twitter

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