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DJ Stingray 313

Communications System


  • Jeremy Abbott
  • 10 December 2015
DJ Stingray 313

He goes under many different aliases, he's been right in the middle of the Detroit scene for an age and Sherard Ingram is still creating some of the more fast-paced electro around. His affiliation with Drexciya before James Stinson's passing is one of the biggest seals of approval you can get within the genre, and now he's making his return as DJ Stingray 313, with a new high-octane EP that harks back to the golden years.

The title track, with its frenetic riffs and menacing undertones, sounds like a violent Aphex Twin cut. 'Lurker', meanwhile, is equally tormented and pacey, while 'IP Ping' is a neurotic banger that stops, starts and leaves you pretty damn dizzy.

A quality (if not harsh) EP, from one of the greats.

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