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DJ Bone: "EDM has been really bad for techno"

He also says DJing has been "watered down"

  • Mixmag staff
  • 30 September 2015

Detroit techno artist DJ Bone doesn't care too much about EDM, but he's got no worries about it in terms of longevity.

Speaking to Juno Download, the Leftroom producer, who recently put together a spanking In Session for us, touched upon the craft of DJing and said commercial dance music has contributed towards, what he thinks, its lack of quality and diversity these days.

"DJing has been watered down, the bar has been lowered so much. EDM has been really bad for techno, but I am not so upset because it's a trend and trends die.

"At the same time, every hero needs a villain because what's he gonna do all day if he doesn't have one? It's almost like we needed it to weed out the bad parts of techno. It's a necessary evil, I hate it, but it doesn't annoy me."

SFX Entertainment cropped up, too, with Bone saying he was "pleased" to see owner Robert F.X Sillerman fail in his bid to take Beatport public, also mentioning Richie Hawtin's affiliation (he co-founded it) to the online shop.

Don't expect his forthcoming albums to be totally straightforward, either.

Of those, he said: "My next few albums are going to tell true techno fans that they have to go outside the box. It's like being thrown into a river full of crocodiles, I'm ready to start fighting as an artist.

"Some of this will be me pointing out how easy it is to make techno. I could make 10 tracks in one night like the ones that get released every week."

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