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New DJ Academy app and web platform SEEDJ has launched

Coyu, Perc, Phil Weeks and others to create content and provide feedback for budding DJs

  • In association with SeeDJ
  • 1 June 2021
New DJ Academy app and web platform SEEDJ has launched

A new DJ Academy app and web platform, SEEDJ, has launched.

SEEDJ is a “digital acceleration” app that puts DJs in direct contact with leading labels and management agencies, as well as offering resources and tools for production and feedback from established DJs.

Some of the artists partnering with SEEDJ to provide content for the platform include Perc, Phil Weeks, Coyu, BEC, Fabrizio Rat, Alex Neri, Frankyeffe, Claudio PRC, Attanasio, Charlton, and SPFDJ.

Agencies such as Elite, DAZE, DNZ, Sowhul District, Analog, Parallel and YAM Agency, as well as labels such as Suara Music and Etruria Beat alongside 80 more are all on board.

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The platform aims to be a virtual academy for DJs - attempting to provide theoretical, practical and organisational services all in one place. SEEDJ has worked closely with record labels, teachers, DJs and management labels in order to provide exclusive content delivered through its web interface.

The people behind SEEDJ have spoken about the aims of the platform, saying: “We want to turn as many new DJs as we can into professional DJs through key services that reflect all the realities of electronic music. We want to train new DJs through the e-learning service such as courses, lessons and a ton of resources. Our long-term vision is to develop a platform that can support the musical growth of an artist through multiple services, all for a low monthly subscription.”

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Five services are included within the monthly or annual subscription. These include allowing the upload of tracks for periodical review by partnered labels partnered, creating complete profiles which are searched by management agencies partners who will offer periodic reviews in order to build new partnerships, video courses, lectures and workshops held by teachers certified and experienced producers, downloading exclusive resources created by international DJs including tools such as samples and loops needed for music production, following real-time, genre-specific music charts from the most important partners in electronic music and the option to buy music from Beatport, Bandcamp and Discogs among others.

You can pre-order a basic plan for 19€, but you will have access to all the premium features, usually worth €49, alongside a one-month subscription.

Pre-order and find out more about the platform here.

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