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DIY community members compile harm reduction measures for venues

A detailed list of modifications that can help prevent disasters

  • Harrison Williams
  • 6 December 2016

Members of the DIY community have compiled an extensive list of harm reduction measures event organizers can use to ensure the safety of attendees.

Following the tragedy in Oakland, where 36 people lost their lives due to a fire that erupted at a DIY arts space, a document of this nature is needed now more than ever.

Developed by a collection of venue owners, artists, architects and other members of the DIY community, the document outlines specific modifications to be implemented. In order to prevent disaster, there are simple but necessary adjustments organizers can use, like de-cluttering, clearing obstacles in doorways, marking exits and establishing a clear plan for emergencies.

Lead by S. Surface, an unlicensed architectural designer and long-term DIY music community member based in Seattle, the document also urges the public to be aware of safety issues and speaking up if something is noticed.

“If you witness questionable conditions, investigate - you deserve to understand. If you know something is dangerous, call it out immediately and demand change so the venue can become a safer space for your whole community.”

Although this is an incredibly detailed list of modifications, the group behind the document urges readers that “it is NOT a comprehensive manual for safety or a replacement for involving licensed experts and meeting building codes.”

Read the full Harm Reduction for DIY Venues document here.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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