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Derrick Carter to release first original production in over 10 years

Remixes come from himself, Stacy Kidd and Scrubfish

  • Marc Rowlands
  • 5 January 2017

Singular Chicago talent Derrick Carter is about to release his first original production in well over a decade. The release, 'Squaredancing', will come as a limited double 7” coloured vinyl set.

It will be issued by Press Pot Recordings, the label of Dark Matter Coffee. The Chicago-based coffee makers have already collaborated with the DJ/producer, putting out a Derrick Carter coffee blend and mixtape in 2014.

The vinyl-only set includes exclusive remixes of 'Squaredancing' by fellow Chicago residents Stacy Kidd and Scrubfish, plus a remix from Carter himself.

The track 'Squaredancing In A Roundhouse' was known in demo form among the deep house cognoscenti from the late 1990s, but had its first official release as the final track on the debut Derrick L Carter album, also titled 'Squaredancing In A Roundhouse'.

Released by the Classic Music Company, a label which at the time was co-run by Carter and Luke Solomon, Carter revisited 'Squaredancing In A Roundhouse' for two new mixes on a 12” release for Classic in 2003. The new release is thought to be a radical variation on the same theme and is the first glimpse of new material from Carter following rumours of the DJ concentrating efforts on new music that persisted throughout 2016.

Carter has released remixes sporadically over the last decade and appeared as a guest vocalist on several tracks, but this will be the first release he has issued under his own name since he left Classic.

A unique DJ talent, known for long, extended mixing and inspired multi-layering of tracks, Carter came to international recognition in the mid-1990s when he stunned European audiences with his distinct, uptempo and often psychedelic combinations of disco, funk and soul indebted house and techno tracks. Unusually, as a producer, he was equally as talented and standalone.

On labels such as KMS, Prescription and his own Blue Cucaracha, using a variety of aliases such as Oneiro, Sound Patrol, The Innocent, The Unknown and Tone Theory, he created unique and unmistakable percussion patterns atop similarly psychedelic and groove-heavy disco, funk and soul indebted house and techno. His soon-to-be amended absence as a producer cannot end too soon for many fans.

Listen to a preview here and check the artwork below.

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