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Daniel Sturridge produces hip hop, house and dancehall

The footballer opened up about music in a recent interview

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 6 April 2016

Daniel Sturridge has revealed in an interview with High Snobiety that he makes beats in his time off the football field.

The Liverpool and England player said he produces “all different types” of music, including “r'n'b, hip hop, alternative and a little bit of house and dancehall.”

Opening up about his musical taste, Sturridge said he’s a big fan of Kanye West, Drake (pictured together above) and Future, disclosing that he “listened to Future’s ‘Blow a Bag’ about five times before the last game”, which is sure to put the UK Anti-Doping agency on high alert.

We're hoping Sturridge turns to DJing as well. The interview shows he's got the digging mentality and protectiveness over his dubplates that any aspiring selector needs.

When asked about producers he’s into, he namechecked Southside and Screamer, before adding: “I’ve got a couple of guys that I don’t want to say no names because I need to keep them for myself, but those guys are sick – they know who they are.”

We’ve seen people in the past that have had promising football careers ended by injury and gone on to become acclaimed DJs and producers, such as Dixon, who played for the East German national side, and Actress, who played for West Brom.

Sturridge spends a lot of time on the recovery table himself. If he does suffer the misfortune of tragedy hitting his sporting career, at least he might be able to become a superstar DJ.

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag’s Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter

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