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Daniel Avery is taking charge of the next ‘DJ-Kicks’ instalment

Check out the hypnotic video for ‘Space Echo’ below

  • Words: Patrick Hinton | Photography: Steve Gullick
  • 27 September 2016

Daniel Avery is next up in !K7 Records’ esteemed ‘DJ-Kicks’ mix series

The 15-track album includes cuts from Planetary Assault Systems, JP Enfant and Shlømo, as well as three new Avery productions, and is described in the press release as “concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own space.”

Speaking about the the mood he strives for in sets, Avery said: “Electronic music is unique in that, whilst it has an immediate effect on the body, the culture surrounding it has the ability to run deep into your life. Whenever I’m in a club, I want to give myself up to music. This is the very thing that excites me the most. Witnessing a DJ create an atmosphere in a room from the ground up takes patience and effort from everyone present but when the pivotal moments hit, your watch stops ticking.”

Daniel Avery's 'DJ-Kicks' is due out on November 11, pre-order it now via !K7 Records’ website. Check out the Kevin A. Feeney directed video for ambient closing cut ‘Space Echo’ and full tracklist below.

01. In Aeternam Vale 'Soundscape I'
02. Daniel Avery 'Sensation (Rrose Remix)'
03. Shlømo 'Vertigo'
04. Planetary Assault Systems 'Dungeon'
05. Ekserd 'Hidden Document II (Svreca Remix)'
06. BLNDR 'Untitled 3 (Modvs Remix)'
07. Ulwhednar 'Stortorget'
08. Artefakt 'The Fifth Planet'
09. Post Scriptum 'Donbelief'
10. JP Enfant 'Sirens'
11. IORI 'Maya' // Rote 'Look In Your Eyes'
12. Lewis Fautzi 'Blood'
13. Daniel Avery 'A Mechanical Sky (DJ-Kicks)'
14. Slam 'Cirklon Bells (Edit-Select Remix)'
15. Daniel Avery 'Space Echo'

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter

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