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Cover mix: Jamie Jones

Ibiza's opening month is finally upon us!

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 12 June 2015
Cover mix: Jamie Jones

Ibiza's opening month is finally upon us! Yes, Jamie Jones is back on the cover of Mixmag and celebrating another season at the helm of Paradise at DC10. This mix is brilliant too, ranging from classic DJ Godfather to The White Lamp on Hutflush and new music from Jamie with Kate Simko and other Hot Creation cuts. It is, as Tong might almost say, 'an Eclectic Selection'. But it also has more bang for your buck than any other CD or mix you will hear this month.

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Jamie Jones talks you through your exclusive cover mix

1. Man Power 'Renamed'

"I love the cover: two guys in posing pouches! It's a cool combination of 303 acid and disco with an Eastern vibe. Love it"

2. The White Lamp 'Ride With You' (ItaloJohnson mix)

"For everyone who buys vinyl, ItaloJohnson are amazing. Laid back and well produced."

3. Dude Energy 'Renee Running'

"This is a new label from Australia, pretty sure its vinyl-only. Well produced on analogue equipment, you can tell."

4. Him_Self_Her 'Heaven' (Mark Jenkyns Remix)

"I had a track called 'Heaven' on my computer and found out it was by my old friend and label buddy, Mark Jenkyns!"

5. DJ Godfather 'Lil Momma'

"I'm a big Miami bass/ghetto fan and tend to pitch tracks down. Why not?!"

6. Francesca Lombardo 'Django'

"When I hit a few friends up, Francesca sent me this. Great groover!"

7. Son Of Sun 'Moonchild' (Citizenn Remix) / RoÍsÍn Murphy 'Jealousy' (House Mix)

"I used a tiny bit of the song and break and laid the vocal of 'Jealousy' over it. Roísín has a timeless voice."

8. Kevin Knapp & Mat Joe 'Curious'

"Really into this. It was mastered just in time to make the final mix!"

9 Cuartero 'Dionelli'

"This is great – first release for us from a new EP from this Spanish producer!"

10. Robert Dietz & Tuccillo 'Juice' (Shonky edit)

"Bought this vinyl a year ago and Shonky made a new edit."

11. Jamie Jones & Kate Simko 'Crashing Waves' (London dub)

"A new collab with Kate. She's super-talented."

12. DJ 3000 'Darjeeling Sun' (Gary Martin Extended Mix)

"An old record by DJ 3000. Works really well here."

13. Riva Starr & Santos 'Fallin' On You'

"A new project with an Eastern feel."

14. Sharam Jey feat Cornelia 'Army of Men' (Analog People In A Digital World remix)

"I've played the original a lot. I love the vocal – and the remix."

15. POPOF feat Arno Joey 'Words Gone' (Jamie Jones remix)

"We're about to release POPOF's album. I remixed this, the first single."

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