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Cocaine in Mexico could be legalised in 10 years

The former president says the laws could change after a recent supreme court ruling

  • Mixmag staff
  • 19 November 2015

The former Mexican president reckons recreational use of cocaine in the Central American country could be legal within a decade.

After a supreme court ruling allowing the growth of marijuana for personal use, Vicente Fox said the decision opened the door for the legalisation of other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, in the future.

Speaking to Reuters, he said: "I think marijuana [legalisation] is a first step. It's now irreversible. The other drugs will take a longer cycle, say five to 10 years."

Although it's illegal to sell, transport or cultivate cocaine in Mexico at the moment, carrying anything up to half a gram has been completely legal since 2009.

An advocate for drug legalisation since leaving his presidential spot in 2006, Fox's comments follow news that Ireland is planning to decriminalise the use of cocaine, cannabis and heroin early next year.

Plus, there's been talk of the United Nations apparently pushing governments worldwide to reform their drug laws and Australian MPs pushing for drug users to be given treatment rather than criminal records.

[ Via: the Guardian]

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