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Coca-Cola creates bottle labels that turn into festival wristbands

Winners from the campaign gain access to festivals like Untold

  • Valerie Lee
  • 30 May 2017

Doritos created a rechargeable chip bag that could actually play music and Pizza Hut created a box that replicated DJ decks, so it's no surprise that major brands like Coca-Cola are jumping into the music realm.

The domineering drink brand's latest arrived in Romania, transforming the label on Coca-Cola bottles into functional festival wristbands. Aptly named the 'Festival Bottle', the Coca-Cola teamed up with the country's most popular festivals like Untold for a competition. Though not every wristband would guarantee entry, a select few winners were able to scan the barcode and actually wear the detachable plastic wristband as their entry to the show.

The bottles come with eight different wristband designs, and the campaign has proven to be a hit in Romania with sales increasing by 11 per cent and teens continuing to wear the bands as a fashion statement, even without winning entry to the festival.

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