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Club Jugendhub raided by armed authorities in Kiev

The incident resulted in multiple arrests

  • Hollie Ismail
  • 6 November 2017

Kiev's Club Jugendhub was raided by armed police and military officials on October 28, resulting in multiple beatings, arrests and alleged theft.

Footage from the accident has been uploaded to social media and multiple eye witness reports claim that around 50 armed and uniformed men stormed the venue at approximately 2AM. The co-founder of the club, Anastasiia Spyrydenko said: "They beat people completely without reason- everyone was frightened and did not resist at all”.

According to the police report, 17 people were taken in for questioning on drug possession charges.

The police report also stated that the club “operates without any permits”. Kseniya Proknova, a lawyer working on behalf of the club disputed the report, claiming in a Facebook post that “all the paperwork is fine”.

Club Jugendhub has hosted regular parties featuring Russian house and techno artists since opening earlier this year. The club has no more parties lined up for the forseeable future, but will remain open.

This raiding follows a series of attacks and closures carried out by authorities in Kiev. The club Closer was raided several times in 2015 on suspicion of drug trafficking.

[Via: RA]

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