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Check out the stunning, sun-kissed visuals for ‘Run Away’ by LYOD and Alex Lucas

“Oh I wish that I could run away”

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  • 1 September 2017
Check out the stunning, sun-kissed visuals for ‘Run Away’ by LYOD and Alex Lucas

German producer LYOD and German-American vocalist Alex Lucas have teamed on 'Run Away', a gloriously woozy summer jam.

Natural beauty makes up the bulk of the video, filmed in a former mountainside of hard coal mining in Altenessen, Germany, with peach-coloured sunsets the backdrop and vast fields and sun-soaked woodland the main settings.

As the track kicks into the life, the lead character does too, stepping up the pace and attempting to escape his surroundings as Lucas cries "oh I wish that I could run away, oh I wish that I could fly".

Regarding the track’s lyrical content, 18-year-old LYOD said: "In most cases, when you have the desire to just run away, the daily grind catches you again. You don't get to move forward. Often you just want to get away because there is too much happening and you can't focus anymore.

“In the end, you are responsible because you don't confront your problems. You should take care of yourself by taking a step back rather then running away."

‘Run Away’, LYOD’s debut single, follows Cologne-based LYOD’s ‘Ways 001’ mixtape, a bubbly and upbeat 45-minute package of productions, including four of his own.

Alex Lucas’ previous work includes the delicate ‘Fade Away’ and a sugary pop cover of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’.

Check out the video below and find LYOD's Instagram here.

'Run Away' is out now. Buy it here

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