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Call Super announces new double EP, 'Cherry Drops'

The two-parter will be released on label can you feel the sun

  • Megan Townsend
  • 2 September 2021
Call Super announces new double EP, 'Cherry Drops'

Call Super has announced a new double EP, 'Cherry Drops'.

The two-parter will be the 3rd and 4th releases from the DJ and producers label can you feel the sun, co-founded alongside London-based DJ and producer Parris.

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The project was developed at a time of "upheaval, trauma and self-discovery" and served as a release for Call Super, real name Joseph Richmond Seaton, to rediscover their love of peak-time dance music, which they found solace in during dark periods.

'Cherry Drops' includes compositions from an instrument Call Super built called an "Epi-Harp" and they have created two paintings for the artwork of each half.

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1. Eye Flow Wide

2. bodiesinheaven I

3. Cherry Drops

4. Tree Song

5. bodiesinheaven I

Megan Townsend is Mixmag's Deputy Digital Editor, follow her on Twitter

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